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Mig’s is -of course- specialised in alcoholic beverages. However, we have recently developed a very nice selection of non-alcoholic drinks: “wines” and “gins”, plus a wonderful Belgian sparkling creation: the Feliz.

Our very local l’Annexe Brewery produces low-alcohol (+/- 2%) and low-sugar fermented drinks which we stock along our selection of… More

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The wine tastings are finally back!

They will be online only - as “real live” ones are still not permitted.

Spirits tastings were already possible online and have been quite successful, but for wine it has been a bit of a problem to organize: we couldn’t realistically ask you to open 6 bottles in one go, by yourself at home…

Well, here is what we came up with: you WILL open 6 bottles in one go by yourself at home…but with a new accessory, the “Guardavino” spray bottle. It prevents an opened bottle from oxidizing without impairing the taste or aroma of the wine. This spray bottle contains a naturally occurring gas which does not impact the environment or the user’s health. Each bottle holds up to 50 doses. You will thus have a chance to enjoy your 6 bottles for up to 4 weeks after opening!

So, for the Laugh & Learn wine-tastings we will sell a 6-pack of 75 cl wine bottles, and with your first order, a bottle of Guardavino will be included (price 19.50 €). The total cost of the wine box and the tasting is 120 €.

Like the previous spirit tastings, we will keep using Zoom. We will send you a link and password the day before the tasting. The wine packs can be collected up to one day before the tasting, but if you choose home delivery, keep in mind we’ll need a few days for shipment.

There will be no changes to the Laugh & Learn spirits tastings. The price is 30 € per pack of 6 x 3 cl samples of the spirits featured during the tasting.

All packs are available for purchase on our website and can either be delivered (with a delivery fee) or picked up at the shop. You can also just order by email: mig@migsworldwines.be




Focus on grape varieties 1: A comparison of the world’s 6 best known and revered grape varieties.

-> Friday 12 February at 19h15


Focus on grape varieties 2: There are so many grape varieties that focusing on only a few of them is not fair or nowhere near complete. So, in this tasting you will discover 6 unusual, uncommon but very interesting varieties that should not be neglected.

-> Friday 26 February at 19h15


Unusual South America

South America has a firm foothold in the wine world. Some wines and grape varieties have become ubiquitous icons. But South America has more to offer than only Argentinian Malbec and Chilean Cabernet. There are many hidden gems to discover. (Mostly red wines)

-> Thursday 4 March at 19h15


Island Wines

Islands, because of their isolation and geological diversity leading to unique terroirs, offer some of the most distinctive and inimitable wines.

-> Thursday 18 March at 19h15



Peated Whiskies

Smoky and temperamental, smelling like an ashtray or a recently extinguished campfire, or even smoked bacon! Peat is all that and more. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned whisky drinker, you will either love it or not. So if your tastebuds aren’t afraid of strong, hot-tempered flavours, join us for this explosive tasting.

-> Thursday 18 February at 19h15


Whisky New wave of craft distilleries

It’s an exciting time for whisky. New distilleries emerge regularly and everywhere in the world. Most start out small and make high quality small batch spirits. Discover some of the most noteworthy in this tasting.

-> Thursday 25 February at 19h15


Agricole Rum: pure sugar cane juice !

-> Thursday 11 March at 19h15


Bourbon & Rye

American whiskey is much more varied and diversified than initially perceived. Both bourbon and rye whiskies are booming in sales. New distilleries are popping up everywhere. Discover why these spirits are so attractive.

-> Thursday 25 March at 19h15

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